Microfiber Wiper

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Product Description

  • Made from micro split filament yarns of 70% Polyester and 30% Nylon blend.
  • Lowest particle generation and lint-free due to optimum seald-edges through laser or Ultrasonic cut.
  • Maximum soft-feel, ultra cleaning function, abrasion resistance and superior absorption power due to its high density and capillary effect.
  • Laundered and packed in class 10 (ISO class 4) cleanroom enviroments.
  • Effective wipers for ISO class 5 cleanrooms and critical enviroments that demand higest cleanliness specification.
  • Solvent-safe double bag cleanroom packing.
  • Free from Silicone Oil, Amide and DOP contamination.
Basic Weight=110gsm Microfiber.
Product Number Size
RSWP-MF-4110L 4"x4"(10cmx10cm)
RSWP-MF-6110L 6"x6"(15cmx15cm)
RSWP-MF-9110L 9"x9"(23cmx23cm)
Basic Weight=180gsm Microfiber.
Product Number Size
RSWP-MF-4180L 4"x4"(10cmx10cm) 
RSWP-MF-6180L 6"x6"(15cmx15cm) 
RSWP-MF-9180L 9"x9"(23cmx23cm) 

Basic Weight=245gsm Microfiber.
Product Number Size
RSWP-MF-4245L 4"x4"(10cmx10cm) 
RSWP-MF-6245L 6"x6"(15cmx15cm) 
RSWP-MF-9245L 9"x9"(23cmx23cm) 
Standard Packing : 100pcs/bag
Mode of Packing : Stack/flat or bulk packed.
Custom-made size : 2"x2" or 4cmx4cm etc is available with certain MOQ.
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