Cleanroom Face Mask

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Product Description

  • This product is developed with silicone-free material.
  • Most ideal for use in cleanroom.
  • Made of breathable fabric with efficient filtration and minimum particles generation.
  • Products with PU band and are also available.
  • Applicable in Semiconductors, TFT-LCD, electronics manufacturing lines, suitable for food companies and hospital.
Product Number Layers Types
RSFM02E-CR  2 Ply, Earloop 
RSFM03E-CR  3 Ply, Earloop 
RSFM02H-CR  2 Ply, Headloop 
RSFM03H-CR  3 Ply, Headloop 
RSFM02T-CR  2 Ply, Tie-On 
RSFM03T-CR  3 Ply, Tie-On 

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