Latex Medical Examination Gloves

Medical gloves are known as disposable gloves used during medical examinations and procedures to prevent contamination between examiners and patients. In health industries, glove is a protection from exposure to blood and body fluids as well as other harmful substances which is important for you and your patients. In the market, medical gloves are made of different polymers including latex, nitrile rubber, vinyl and neoprene.
Latex is the traditional choice of medical examination gloves for the healthcare industry for more than 100 years. Although some may face latex allergies, but it can't beat the benefit of its durability, tactile sensitivity, comfort, and fit. Since the mid of 1900s, Malaysia had start manufacturing latex gloves and become a main supplier of latex gloves as the country produce raw latex material. The latex medical examination gloves manufacturer produce gloves with a low cost with the raw materials available.
The demand of latex gloves had risen in the early 1990s as the HIV healthcare and the risks awareness increased. Following the usage of latex medical examination gloves in hospital, many other professionals like dentists, rescue workers, and police officers began wearing latex gloves.
Nowadays, the manufacturing process of gloves is simple. Latex is made from the liquid of rubber trees called Hevea Brasiliensis (Brazilian Rubber). The liquid of latex rubber has a milky white appearance and is made of various lipids, phospholipids, and proteins. According to study, the protein in the latex cause allergic reactions to those sensitive to latex. To make the raw latex usable as medical glove, it must be formulated with chemical compounds. This is to increase the tensile strength and flexibility of latex medical examination gloves. The formulation of gloves determined the quality produced.
To process the latex into an examination glove form, a mold, which also called formers determine the texture and size of the glove. The formers pass through a production line, where it was dipped into the latex liquid formulation. The speed of the production line will affect the thickness of the glove which is related to the strength. Once the medical gloves pass through this stage, they will send for wash and drying process before testing the quality. This is to remove the harsh chemical and minimize the protein.
When choosing a medical examination gloves, consider the level of protection that the type of glove can provide, the contents of protein and chemical, strength and durability, the ability of the glove to return to its shape when stretched, how easily the glove is punctured or torn, comfort ability during usage of the gloves, and protection against chemicals. If you are working in hospital, dental, food, and laboratory industry, it is recommended to choose latex medical examination gloves as protection during work.

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